Blake Private Travel would like to send everyone their best wishes and support during this unnerving time. It looks as if COVID-19 will get worse before it gets better and so if you are travelling or due to travel, please do take the time to go onto: for the latest travel advice in each country and talk to your Travel Agent if you have booked through one.

TIP 1:

Check the lates travel advice on before you travel. If the government are restricting travel to and from your holiday destination, you will be entitled to either a refund or will be able to re-arrange your holiday free of charge. Do try to do this at least a week before you travel as leaving it to the last minute may cause complications.

TIP 2:

If you are unable to travel due to certified government or country restrictions, you will be able to get your money back or look to move your holiday dates. Please be aware however that if you decide to not travel due to your own independent choices, you may not be entitled to anything. Check this with your travel providers as each supplier has different terms and conditions.

My best advice here is to keep up to date with your suppliers (airlines, hotels) latest information and contact then a week or two before you travel to see what their policy is. Make sure to get this in writing from them so that you have proof when asking for your money back!

Your Travel Agent will do this all for you if you have one.

TIP 3:

Try to pay for your holiday as late as possible so that you are able to get your money back easily if you are unable to go. Suppliers are being more flexible at this time and so try and negotiate this with them. Your Travel Agent will also have negotiated these terms for you.

TIP 4:

Get the right travel insurance. Look out for 'Cancel for any reason' travel insurance which is more expensive but does cover just about anything. Do speak to someone before making your purchase however to check for all of these terms and conditions. If you are unable to travel due to COVID-19 however you will be entitled to compensation. I always recommend that my clients buy annual travel insurance as over the year, this does work out more competitive. Buy travel insurance before confirming your holiday incase of any unforeseen circumstances before or during your trip.

TIP 5:

As much as travel is currently being restricted, booking for later in the year or next year right now can prove to be very beneficial. Right now hotels and airlines are offering discounted prices as well as complimentary benefits and so some incredible deals can be had.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your travel plans, please get in touch.

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